SVII Society

Monthly Programs

SVII holds monthly roundtable discussion events to provide guidance and education to sole contributors and middle management engaged either directly in innovating themselves or advocating innovation through monthly programs the majority of which are in Silicon Valley the first Wednesday of the month in the evening. We have established a healthy innovation community which works to generate and optimally monetize an innovation premium, which translates directly into higher revenues, higher earnings, and higher stock prices over time.

Innovation Cultural Support

Innovators clearly sense possibilities that are often invisible to others which can make it difficult to have productive conversations making conversations to communicate insights impossible. This can take an emotional toll on both the innovator and decision maker even though both parties are in great need of each others contribution.

The innovation process does not always look or feel logical at times, as it draws upon as yet unmanifested ideas. It is difficult for most to converse about what has not happened and what they can not imagine. Innovation Society programs are a place where innovators and innovation advocates can better be heard respectfully.

SVII Society Program

The SVII Innovation Society has presented well over 100 programs that express the SVII Leadership Model of the Guide on the Side as opposed to the more traditional Sage on the Stage. In the twenty-first century the previously unimaginable number of number of choices and sources of information has reduced the overhead associated with developing expertise. This reduces the assuredness that speakers can be certain of knowing much more than their combined audience. Toward this end SVII programs tend to become more highly interactive roundtable discussions even when they begin as lectures.

Every month it is our express desire to bring to you topics of interest with conversation started by a variety of subject matter experts. This interactive forum also counts on other attendees bringing up their perspectives as well and not just at the end in a five minute question and answer session. As always, our goal is to set the stage for a balanced interactive roundtable discussion. Although we seed the discussion with subject matter experts, the audience is also comprised of subject matter experts, whose expertise lie in a larger range of topics. And it is within this cross fertilization of intelligent communication people that innovation can often occur. Change often originates from perspectives proffered from outside a field.

Come join us for another lively at times provocative roundtable discussion.