The Institute


SVII was founded in 2005 to help guide innovation oriented leaders bridge the gap between insight and execution. All organizations contain many powerful ideas, few of which are operationalized. Often the only way to solve business, governance or technical problems is through embarking upon a new path. Even accomplished explorers engage a guide team to help them traverse new territory in order to mitigate risk.

First Step

Every organization's leadership knows that innovation is imperative to thrive in the long term. All have access to terrific ideas from within themselves and others. The real issue here is not ideas but execution and operationalization or as SVII calls it, Turning Vision into Value. In the process of guiding clients to become Innovation Champions, SVII guides an internal audit to determine the innovation potential of your organization based on several lifetimes of experience. This discovery phase invites innovative insights that can be assembled into scalable business units with proprietary barriers to entry.

Innovation Integration Force

SVII teams are doers, we establish an Innovation Integration Team taking advantage of internal and external resources charged with carrying out the goals and objectives of the Innovation Integration Plan we codevelop with you to harvest your organizations innovation potential

Innovation, another word for Adaptation

The future is already here. Examples of futures for your industry already exist. Flexibility, improvisation, and the ability to perform just-in-time planning help your organization vault over innovation obstacles. If there were one algorithm for innovation, one we could predict the future. The only way to predict the future is to create it by adapting to the present.