Howard Lieberman - Innovation Accomplishments


In order to realize the following achievements a large variety of innovation roles have been mastered including engineering, marketing, technology evangelism and business development, in all capacities and at all levels including conception, leading, managing, inspiring, catalyzing and directing, from the sole contributor to the executive level. The following is a list of real-world innovations delivered by Howard Lieberman over the past thirty years:

  • First digital signal processing based audio measurement system. (Bose 1980-1984)
  • First commercially available DSP based measurement system. (INTERVAL 1983)
  • First self-contained digital piano - Bose-Ensoniq Acoustic Wave Piano (Bose 1985)
  • First acoustic guitar amplification system. (Integrated Acoustics 1990)
  • First integrated four channel computer sound slab system. (Integrated Acoustics 1991)
  • First dedicated computer sound system - Apple Powered Loudspeakers (Apple 1992)
  • First computer monitors with built in speakers - Apple Audio Video Monitors (Apple 1993)
  • First speech recognition microphone - Apple Plaintalk Microphone - shipped 20M units (Apple 1993)
  • First high fidelity (16 bit 44.1 Khz) CD ROM for Apple (ESCAtech 1994)
  • First Animated Virtual Product Tour for Tektronix (ESCAtech 1995)
  • First up-datable CD ROM’s for Amdahl (ESCAtech 1996)
  • First network savvy internet kiosks for Sam’s Club division of Walmart (ESCAtech 1996)
  • First Interactive Video Wall for 3Com (ESCAtech 1996)
  • First Online Mortgage Engine for Fannie Mae (Dorado 1999)
  • First Adaptive Scalable Networked Delivery Applications (Asonda 2000)
  • First Aesthetic Engineering Program to bridge Art and Engineering (Cogswell 2001)
  • First Innovation Management Program to turn Engineers into Fiscal Entities
    (Cogswell 2003)
  • Founded Silicon Valley Innovation Institute, a not-for-profit corporation to promulgate Innovation Management Programs to help companies turn vision into value (SVII 2005)

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